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Protecting Dreams

Thomas A. Kalejta, Author of Building Wealth, Protecting Dreams is changing the retirement conversation and reminding readers that accomplishing true financial prosperity is a reflection of so much more than portfolios and rates of return.

Building Wealth, Protecting Dreams is a comprehensive guide packed with decade’s worth of the authors’ knowledge and personal experience. It addresses many common retirement apprehensions and concerns, but that is far from what makes this book unique. Its healthy dose of “matters of the heart” (like family and values) make this book not only informative but easily relatable. Kalejta introduces varying financial topics and answers frequently asked questions with real life examples from his twenty plus years of experience in financial services.

Thomas A. Kalejta Understands

Kalejta is so passionate about the knowledge he shares in his book that he plans to give hundreds of copies away – for free! Much of the motivation behind his generosity is fueled by the inaccessibility of good financial guidance that his own parents received many years ago.

“Despite the current “information overload” we experience in 2017, many people still admit to not having much of a financial education,” said Kalejta.

Readers of his book have praised his advice that comes “right from the heart.” His approach to talking about financial planning is easy to digest and family oriented.

“This book provides a clear plan to identify and achieve the goals needed to have financial success. It’s a great read no matter what stage you have reached in your financial planning,” said Joe Lowe, CPA and Owner of Lowe & Associates.

Start Protecting Your Dreams Today!

Wherever you are on the road to retirement this assessment will help you take stock and clarify ​what’s ahead.

Thomas A. Kalejta

Thomas A. Kalejta is the president of his own financial firm. He is a Certified Fund Specialist®, Chartered Financial Consultant®, Registered Financial Consultant®, Accredited Estate Planner®, Chartered Advisor for Senior Living® and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®. He has been recognized as a Five Star Wealth Manager in Philadelphia Magazine. His focus on providing financial education has always been a priority.

For over 10 years, he was licensed to teach Successful Money Management Seminars® (SMMS) to adults in local schools and universities. He became motivated to publish a book when he stopped teaching and his personal clients continued to refer their friends and family to his SMMS courses.

In addition, Kalejta has also spearheaded other not-for-profit initiatives devoted to educating families and businesses in his community.

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What People Are Saying

“I’ve had a professional relationship with Tom for many years. The information I’ve learned from him has been invaluable, and now he’s put his knowledge into a book! Building Wealth, Protecting Dreams captures Tom’s knowledge and practical insight into how he has helped his clients.”

—Erich Earhart, mortgage broker

“A sign of wisdom is the ability to learn from your mistakes and successes and also to learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Building Wealth, Protecting Dreams is filled with Tom’s wisdom and I feel that it provides readers with a road map to help achieve financial success. Don’t read this book, study it! Apply what you learn, and you too will be able to determine your own financial success. Thanks for your financial wisdom, Tom!

—Kevin Knebl, CMEC, international speaker, author, and trainer

“A fresh and touching perspective on planning for our future. I see this as a must read when planning for retirement!”

—Rebecca A. Hobbs, Esq., CELA

“This book provides an inspiring education for new and seasoned investors alike. I know Tom to be a very smart financial educator and financial advocate. His approach is particularly insightful because of his great personal and professional integrity and genuine care for his clients.”

—Matt Bellis, business owner

“This book is filled with advice that comes right from the heart. Tom’s approach to financial planning has a family friendly feel. Similar to a parent, Tom knows how to take care of clients as if they were family members with his warm, caring nature. In my opinion, he is a professional who can deliver the facts to help readers get to the ultimate goal—a secure retirement!”

—Tracy Russo, certified long-term care insurance specialist

“In my view, Building Wealth, Protecting Dreams is a must-read for anyone contemplating retirement in the next decade or two. In an entertaining and nonjudgmental fashion, it confronts the myriad issues younger baby boomers face as they look toward future retirement. The book provides many realistic strategies that readers of any income level looking for a prosperous future will find useful. I highly recommend it.”

—Maureen McBride, partner, Lamb McErlane, P.C.

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